Checklist for Immigration

What should be terminated & Returned before moving

When emigrating or moving abroad, it is not only important to properly de-register at the residents’ registration office (if you wish, i.e. you no longer have another place of residence in your country), but also to terminate all contracts and agreements that are no longer to be continued. The relevant notice periods must be taken into account. So start your preparations in good time (at least a year in advance, sometimes longer) so that money is not wasted.

In this article we provide a checklist, inform you about periods of notice, show where you can get templates for letters of termination free of charge and what else you should pay attention to (to-do list). 

Checklist contracts and agreements – terminations or changes of registrations (changes)

  • Telephone, internet, mobile radio, GEZ
  • Insurance (health insurance, liability, household effects, accident, life, pension, motor vehicle)
  • Rental agreements as well as electricity, water, heating, gas, etc.
  • Subscriptions
  • Associations and memberships (e.g. ADAC)
  • Online stores
  • School (with children)
  • Employment contracts
  • Tax office
  • Car, motorcycle, trailer
  • Pets
  • Banks, building society
  • Registration authority
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