GCC stands for Gulf Cooperation Council or Gulf Countries

The GCC is regional, inter-government political and economic union which has the following six-member Arab countries except Iraq:

Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman. Qatar, Saudi Arabia  & United Arab Emirates

  • GCC Charter was established – 25th May’1981
  • Headquarter – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Official Language – Arabic
  • All member states are Monarchies
  • Constitutional monarchies – Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain
  • Absolute monarchies – Saudi Arabia and Oman
  • Federal monarchy – United Arab Emirates (includes 7-member states each having an absolute monarchy)
  • Fastest growing economy in the world with nominal total GDP of $1.638 trillion
  • Objectives of the GCC
  1. To have unity among the member states in terms of co-ordination, integration and interconnection to deepen and strengthen their relations.
  2. Similar regulations in trade, tourism, finance, economy, customs, administration, legislation etc.
  3. Have a unified military
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