Why Norway Could Be A Good Choice For Immigration

The Kingdom of Norway is the westernmost country in the Scandinavian peninsula, made up mostly of mountainous terrain. Nearly all of its only 5.3 million inhabitants lives in the south, surrounding the capital, Oslo. Norway’s coastline is made up of thousands of miles of fjords, bays and island shores. The untouched nature and charming landscapes inspire every traveler.

In Norway, the proportion of foreigners in the total population at the beginning of 2018 was around 10.7 percent. The Norwegians are a rather reserved and calm people. In rural areas, contacting locals can be slow due to their mentality. Nevertheless, Norwegians are straightforward, even if they are initially skeptical about immigrants.

Geirangerfjord © Lonely Planet / Justin Foulkes

The Following Factors Speak For An Immigration To Norway

  • Highly respected Citizenship
  • High Quality of Life
  • Very good for Green Living
  • Very good for Raising Kids
  • Very good for Women
  • Open for Business
  • Easy to Find a Job
  • Good Entrepreneurship

In a few days you will find all the information you need for a successful immigration.

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