Why Sweden Could Be A Good Choice For Immigration

With a population of just a bit over 10 million, Sweden is one of the most sparsely populated countries in Europe. Sweden consists of 80 percent huge forests, mountains, lakes, rivers, bogs and wilderness. Large cities, including Stockholm, are embedded in the unspoilt nature. Fresh air, clean water and the intact, unspoilt nature is accessible to everyone and is protected.

Friendly, hardworking, tidy, honest, good faith, shy and reserved, skimpy and a bit clumsy – this is how the Swede is described by foreign observers and also by the Swedes themselves. In Sweden, the proportion of foreigners in the total population at the beginning of 2018 was around 8.8 percent.

Sweden - West Coast
West coast / Source: pixabay.com

The Following Factors Speak For An Immigration To Sweden

  • Best in Green Living
  • One of the best countries for Raising Kids
  • One of the best countries for Women
  • Highly respected Citizenship
  • Very high Quality of Life
  • Very good for Education
  • Open for Business
  • Good Entrepreneurship
  • Good Cultural Influence

In a few days you will find all the information you need for a successful immigration.

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