Why Taiwan Could Be A Good Choice For Immigration

Despite narrowly missing out on the top spot, it seems Taiwan remains a great expat destination if you’re after friendly locals and an easy move. As a German expat puts it, the “people care about their society”. Close to three-quarters of expats would describe the Taiwanese as welcoming people (73%), and 74 percent say that it’s easy to settle down in Taiwan. A very respectable 86 percent of those participating in the survey report a friendly attitude towards foreign residents, and 88 percent give the general friendliness of the population a positive rating. A beautiful small Island with a population of 23.6 million situated in the East Asia, Taiwan was originally known as Formosa, meaning “Beautiful Island” in Portuguese.

Taiwan attracts a lot of expats due to its rapid economic growth in industrialization, mainly in electronics and information technology which accounts for 35% of industrial activities. Taiwan is one of the Four Asian Tigers in economic terms along with Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea. Taiwan is known for gender equality and women’s right are taken very seriously here. Its one of the friendliest Asian Country where travelers and Immigrants tend to feel at home.

The Following Factors Speak For An Immigration To Taiwan

  • Ease of Settling In
  • Fast Feeling at Home
  • Very Friendly People
  • Easy to Find Friends
  • Very good for Working Abroad
  • Low Cost of Living

Traveling information:

Taiwan’s borders are still closed for Foreign travelers until further notice. Taiwan border regulations are quite strict, especially with regards to the present pandemic situation.  The only people who are currently allowed to enter Taiwan are: 

  1. Citizen or spouses/children of citizens
  2. Residents with an alien resident card (ARC)
  3. People who have obtained approval and an entry visa)
  4. Emergency visits for family and important business travels

Fourteen (14) days quarantine is a must on arriving to Taiwan. However, the number of days may differ depending on the test’s results and the arrival country. Persons with symptoms of Covid-19 might be required to be quarantined in a government facility.

For more information on travel please visit: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/international-travel/International-Travel-Country-Information-Pages/Taiwan.html

How to immigrate:

A job offer, Taiwanese work visa, a work permit and a residence permit for more than 90 days stay is a basic requirement to immigrate to Taiwan.  The resident permit is known “Alien Resident Certificate” ARC’s, which is issued by the Taiwan National Immigration Agency.   However, you need a visa or not differs from country to country. Even the length of your stay in Taiwan depends on the nationality.  To see if your country is exempt from Visa requirement to Taiwan, refer to https://visaguide.world/asia/taiwan-visa/who-needs-visa/

You can immigrate to Taiwan on the following Visas :-

Taiwan Visitor/tourist Visa
Taiwan Student Visa
Taiwan Work Visa
Taiwan Family Reunion Visa
Taiwan Entrepreneur Visa
Taiwan Working Holiday Visa

For complete guide on Taiwan Visa, please visit https://visaguide.world/asia/taiwan-visa/requirements


The people of Taiwan belong to mainly 4 (four) ethnic groups.

  1. The Aboriginal peoples
  2. The Fukien Taiwanese
  3. The Hoklo
  4. The Hakka

Taiwanese People are known for their extremely helpful nature especially to visitors. Even if they do not speak English still they will be there to offer you assistance if you are confused, lost or need help.  People here are dedicated to their families and they take care of grandparents and older ones which is very heartwarming.

Job offers: 

It’s not very easy to get a job in Taiwan as the Taiwanese Government mostly permit highly skilled or professional persons.  There is much demand for English Teachers here. To get a good paying job in corporate position will require

a) Fluent Mandarin (spoken & written)
b) Formal Credentials in the type of job you intend to do
c) Extra skills or experience which set you apart in the labor market.

Taiwan is a global player in the electronic goods market and IT industry and a universal provider for computer products and support the innovative technology- intensive sectors. Therefore, many multinational companies have opened branches in Taiwan. As a result of this continuously growing economy, low unemployment rates and increasing pay scales attracts many expats.


The official language of Taiwan is Taiwanese Mandarin.  The most popular local dialect is the Taiwanese Minnan which is spoken by 73.3% of the southern population.  The Taiwanese aboriginal language is still spoken by 1.7% and Hakka by 12% of the population.

Currency and Payment transactions:

The official currency of Taiwan is the Taiwan Dollar (TWD). The Symbol is NT$. The currency is available in $100, $500 & $1000 notes and the coins are available at $10, $1, $500 & $5  dollars.

Important addresses:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
Republic of China(Taiwan)
2, Ketagalan Blvd., Zhongzheng Dist.,
Taipei City 100202,
Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel: 886-2-2348-2999

Department of Health, Taipei City Government
No.1 City Hall Rd., Xinyi District,
Taipei City 11008, Taiwan ROC

Dial 1999 (for callers in Taipei City)
Dial 02-2720-8889 (Other Callers)
Dial +886-2-2720-8889 (International Callers)

Taipei Emergency Operation Center
No.2, Alley 11, Lane 391,
Zhuangjing Rd., Xinyi District,
Taipei City, Taiwan 110

Phone No. +886 2 8786 3119

National Taiwan University
No.1, Section 4, Roosevelt Rd.,
Da’an district,
Taipei City, Taiwan 10617.

Phone No. +886 2 3366 3366

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