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If you are traveling or emigrating to a country with a different language, you should definitely have a basic knowledge of the language of the destination country. Use a very simple learning method with which you can learn a language in a very short time , which has already proven itself thousands of times (over 540,000 courses sold), all language courses including super learning music.

The emigration vocabulary trainer, which was specially created for the most important situations in the new country, provides very good help for a successful start or even for a trip to the new home.

But there are at least two special cases. Children, for example, learn differently than adults in some areas and also need a different vocabulary, at least at the beginning. That is why there are suitable children’s language courses for children . The second special case is learning a language mainly for work. Industry-specific vocabulary is often required here, which is either neglected or not included at all in ordinary language courses. In this case, you should choose a company language course for the job.

Language Trips And Language Schools Abroad

A language is best learned where it is spoken. Language trips work according to this motto. English language courses offered in many countries around the world are particularly popular, such as the USA, England, Ireland, Malta, Australia, Singapore and South Africa.

Since a large number of language schools offer language courses abroad, it is advantageous to compare them in advance. This is possible, for example, with the help of the online portal Linguago , because all language schools are rated there by former language students (further information HERE)

Learning Languages Via Skype

On Preply you will find thousands of language teachers for all kinds of foreign languages. Many teachers are native speakers. The lessons take place conveniently via Skype. The teaching units are completely flexible in terms of time and location. You can even take an hour with your personal language teacher at any time while you are attending language trips and language schools abroad. Private lessons can take place online via Skype, wherever you are. However, Preply is also ideal for online tutoring for pupils or students. They can also make optimal use of free time at school or during their studies for private tuition.

7 Reasons For The Multimedia Language Courses

  • Unique Sprachenlernen24 long-term memory learning method: Learn a new language at breathtaking speed without forgetting it again!
  • A multimedia learning experience with a variety of learning and testing methods, including 31.9% faster with Superlearning music.
  • Runs everywhere. On any PC (Windows, Linux, Mac OS-X), pocket PC, tablet and mobile phone or smartphone.
  • Delivery as requested, immediately upon receipt of payment. Available as a CD-ROM/DVD or as a download free of charge
  • Free language course or dictionary updates for 3 years
  • Fair service. 30-day return policy, 1-year warranty, free updates

Suitable for everyday use. With many language courses you can reach level B1+B2 of the European Framework of Reference.

These language courses make it easier for you to make a fresh start in the target country: if you…

  • go for a beer as a foreign worker, or
  • if you want to greet your new neighbours as an emigrant, or
  • when you ask for directions

you will acquire the necessary language skills in just a few days. All language courses are designed for everyday use!

The Following Language Courses And Learning Aids Are Available

  • Basic courses
  • Express courses
  • Advance courses
  • Children’s language courses
  • Specialist Vocabulary Trainer
  • Business Courses
  • Dictionaries

Take your free placement test here (takes about 3 minutes)

If you want, you can also use the free download of the world travel vocabulary with the 30 most important words in 60 languages. In addition, you get free learning tips and a lot more.

You will receive by email:
• the download link to the world travel vocabulary
• lots of tips to learn languages better
• lots of free tutorials

The Language Courses Are Highly Recommended If You . . .

  • You want to learn a new language or want to consolidate what you have already learned
  • want to learn both on the computer and quickly in between without a computer
  • want to look up vocabulary
  • want to learn the new language in a very short time
  • want to determine your own learning path
  • are looking for a clear interface with easy-to-understand menus

Detailed information HERE!

Interactive and multimedia language courses

Benefits Of Learning With Super Learning Music

  • Learn in a relaxed manner: Only those who are relaxed can absorb new things quickly and permanently. Stress blocks you from learning. This music will leave you deeply relaxed – the ideal prerequisite for absorbing new things.
  • You will be more relaxed and relieve stress. Even after studying, you will be able to concentrate better.
  • Impressive music that you can enjoy listening to for a long time. The more you use the Super learning Music, the faster you will relax.
  • The music is quieter than the vocabulary you are learning (-8db). In this way, learning remains in the foreground.
  • The super learning music will help you stay focused on the course for longer: you will be less distracted.
  • No previous knowledge required: If you turn on the super learning music, you can start learning straight away in a relaxed manner.
  • The super learning music is part of the language course and does not have to be paid for separately.
  • In a test with 500 learners and over 100,000 learned words, we measured the following: Whoever listens to the Super learning music with headphones learns the words 31.9% faster, learns 23.7% longer on average every day and thus learns 63 words per day .2% more vocabulary than learners learning without super learning music.

Take your free placement test here (takes about 3 minutes)

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