immigration Goals For Retirees

Immigration Destinations For Retirees And Early Retirees

While younger people might want to start a new life with a sense of adventure, retirees usually have completely different priorities. First, the most important reasons for emigrants in retirement or advanced age. Then recommended destinations according to priority. And finally, a very important aspect that should definitely be considered.

Reasons For Moving Abroad:

  • Escape from poverty in old age or a low standard of living (the pension is hardly enough at home – but it is still good to live with it in cheap foreign countries)
  • Pleasant climate for more well-being and better health (many old age complaints are less or completely gone under better climatic conditions)
  • Better weather (more hours of sunshine are good for the mind) Countries with a low cost of living and cheap rents or real estate prices 

Countries with A Low Cost Of Living And Cheap Rents Or Real Estate Prices: 

Listed below are those countries that, in addition to low living costs and real estate and rental prices, also have favorable immigration conditions for pensioners and offer a certain degree of security. 

Pleasant Climatic Conditions 

It is not that easy to make general statements here, since the feelings and opinions vary greatly depending on the type of person. For the most part, older people cope better with a warmer climate than with the cold. However, when it comes to humidity, the differences in sensations are so great that everyone has to make their own judgment by traveling to each country. It is recommended that you travel to your desired destination in two very different seasons, in the longest prevailing period and at the most uncomfortable time. Below are those countries and islands that can offer more heat and / or sunshine on average.

2 aspects that should definitely be considered:

Lower living costs, more well-being and perhaps a more relaxed life are one side of the coin when moving abroad. But you don’t get any younger and many don’t have their families around in their new homes. The following points deal with these 2 aspects.

Health Care And Pensions :

What if health problems arise? Does the new home offer adequate qualified medical care? How would the care be if you become a nursing case? And do you speak the language of the respective country well enough to be able to communicate well with doctors, nurses or nursing staff?

These questions should be sufficiently clarified before such a big step. You should know that in many less developed countries there is a high-quality health care system in the respective capital and sometimes also in other large cities or metropolitan areas (but often only private clinics and private doctors), but not in many other parts of the country.

Some therefore keep the option open of being able to return to their old homeland in an emergency.

Contact With Family :

What if family members (e.g. children and grandchildren) live in the old home country that you would like to visit from time to time or even regularly? Can one easily cover the distances, even if one has advanced in years over time and lacks health or strength? Because with some long-distance destinations, it is not uncommon for you to be on the road for a whole day or longer, even by plane. 

Many pensioners who have emigrated find out after a short time that they are missing their families. They feel a strong desire to see their children or grandchildren regularly (at least once a year). Very few of them can expect to be visited by them every year. 

That is why many retired emigrants are looking for their new dream home close to their family, which they can then easily get to in just a few hours by plane or even by train, bus or car. In this case, only destinations within Europe or areas bordering on Europe can be considered. 


Those who desire to live in Europe with lower living costs, better climatic conditions and proximity to your old homeland,  the following few emigration destinations are worth considering. 

Otherwise you have to make compromises when making your choice or be lucky enough to have the whole family emigrate to your new home country.

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