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Career Ideas For Emigrating – From Baker To Bricklayer

Emigrating also means earning your living somewhere else. The choice of future home will depend not least on how the job market there can be connected with one’s own professional experiences and ideas.

What job opportunities does the target country offer?

Career prospects vary from country to country, but a general trend can be discerned. Apprenticeships in the areas of gastronomy, hotels and trades are in high demand worldwide. Specialists in the medical field and teachers also have good professional opportunities and prospects around the world. Last but not least, workers from Germany are particularly in demand because the dual training also familiarizes them with everyday life in the company right from the start.

The immigration countries themselves often go in search of skilled workers. Some destination countries have set up special online contact points where potential emigrants can find out about the current job situation and the qualifications required.


It is not possible for emigrants to the USA to search for a job locally on their own. Before there is a chance of a visa, there must be a concrete job offer from the target country. The company in question applies for a work permit. Emigrants are only entitled to a work visa after it has been approved.

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In Canada, there is a special application process called Express Entry. The country is thus simplifying the targeted search for employees who would like to emigrate to Canada. Anyone can test for themselves whether they meet the requirements on the relevant Canada website .


In Australia, the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) is published regularly. All the professions that are currently particularly in demand in the country can be found there. Potential expatriates looking for a job should contact the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

The most popular jobs at a glance

Hotel specialist, tourism experts

Anyone who has completed an apprenticeship in the hotel and hospitality industry has chances of finding a job worldwide. Seasonal workers are regularly sought. If you have sufficient professional experience and good language skills, you can work your way up to hotel manager.

Demand: Worldwide


  • communication skills
  • flexibility
  • resilience
  • organizational skills
  • good manners
  • good foreign language skills

Bakers and Chefs

International hotel chains prefer to hire bakers and cooks from Germany. Another possibility for graduates of these training occupations is self-employment. German cuisine is particularly popular in Asia and America. Dishes such as Rhenish Sauerbraten or Rostbratwurst are considered unusual delicacies there. Not only the know-how, but also the appropriate equipment is an important point. In Asia, food should be served with the appropriate cutlery . Bakers can score with cake recipes or Christmas cookies. “According to the BACKBIBEL portal, the indispensable utensils from home are above all cookie cutters. If these are made of stainless steel, they can be used longer and cut more easily.

Demand: USA / Asia


  • Resilience
  • creativity
  • Technical understanding
  • organizational skills
  • teamwork

craftsmen and bricklayers

The well-founded training in German trades is valued worldwide. In addition to bricklayers, roofers, carpenters and plumbers are wanted. Anyone who emigrates to developing countries should take the high-quality, high-quality tools from Germany with them, as they are scarcely available there, or not of sufficient quality.  On the other hand, many of the rules that apply to craftsmen in Germany are not taken quite as seriously in developing countries, and breaking the rules often gets away with it without serious consequences.

Demand: Asia / Africa


  • physically fit
  • technical understanding
  • basic math knowledge
  • spatial imagination
  • skilled craftsmanship

Medical Professions

The demand for medical professionals is high, but the conditions are often difficult. Nurses are only hired in English-speaking countries if they have a university degree. It is important to find out in advance to what extent your own training will be recognized in the target country.  There are also hurdles for doctors, who first have to pass an aptitude test in Australia and New Zealand.

Demand: Australia / Great Britain / Scandinavia


  • exercise capacity
  • Mental health
  • empathy
  • Empathy
  • sense of responsibility

No training – what to do?

Without a suitable apprenticeship, it will be difficult to gain a foothold abroad. The following jobs are often given abroad to people without the appropriate training:

  • Animator
  • Cleaning person
  • Administrator
  • Farmer
  • Presentation artist
  • Nanny
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