Preparation for Emigration

Moving abroad or emigrating requires good preparation and planning. Here you will find help, tips and practical recommendations for a good start. The following pages are divided into 4 subject areas:

•   Find the right target
•   Recommendations for decision making
•   Planning & organizing the move
•   Practical information for a successful new beginning

Find the right target

•   Emigrate – where to?
•   Where emigrants are content
•   German countries and territories
•   Peaceful countries
•   Cheap cost of living
•   Good immigration conditions
•   Favorable environmental conditions – few natural disasters
•   Good range of jobs
•   Good climatic conditions
•   Countries without nuclear power plants

Recommendations for decision making

•   Recommendations for emigration in 2022
•   Where healthcare is good
•   Countries with low population density
•   Where nature is still relatively in order
•   Where the standard of living is highest
•   Tax havens
•   Cheap countries
•   Career ideas for emigration
•   Emigration destinations for retirees, retirees and early retirees
•   How much seed capital is needed

Practical information for a successful new beginning

•   Current information on emigration destinations, tips and information
•   Internet and mobile phone worldwide
•   Sunshine instead of tax liability – emigration on trial
•   Long-term leave in preparation for emigration
•   Moving to sun and warmth
•   Tips for migrating with a dog
•   The most beautiful snow countries
•   Statistics emigration 2021
•   Emigration Statistics

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