Immigrate to Western Europe

Popular western European Countries for Immigration

Europe is a continent in the eastern hemisphere which is located north of Africa and west of Asia. Atlantic ocean is on the western side of europe with Mediterranean Sea on the south and Artic ocean in the north. It is the 6th largest continent with 44 countires. Geographically it is classified into 4 subregions : Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Northern Europe and Southern Europe.

The Western European Countries include Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, The Netherlands and Switzerland.

Below you will find brief information about those countries in West Europe that are recommended for immigration. From this brief information you will then get to the detailed immigration information, travel information, contacts etc., to everything you need to know for immigration. Click on the name of the country to get detailed information. 

AustriaImmigration to Austria - Austrian Parliament Building in Vienna, Austria

One of the wealthiest countries in the EU. Clean alpine air, better public transport services, high-quality education, and one of the best healthcare systems. Many job opportunities for expats with good take-home pay


Immigration easy. EU & NATO headquarters are here. Economic and urban nerve center of Europe due to its geographic location. There are three official language German, Dutch and French. Also English is spoken and understood by a large population which is certainly an added advantage for immigrants from around the world. 


Country an immigrant friendly nation with safe environment, highly developed infrastructure and a robust economy. Most populous nation in the European union, yet very clean and orderly. Germany has to offer many stable reasons to move in.


A immigrant-friendly country in Europe. Easy to travel and explore. It offers a good standard of living with work-life balance. A very picturesque country with stunning beautiful outdoors. A country where honesty is the best policy.


France is not only lively Paris and old castles on the Loire, but also the country of gourmets. Three different sea coasts, snow-covered mountains, the typical French way of life and contrasting habitats make this country attractive for immigrants.


A nice little country to travel to as well as very good for retirement and work if you are a really skilled worker. Due to the high salaries, there is still enough money left over despite the high cost of living. In addition, you can shop more cheaply in neighboring countries.

Switzerland - Berner OberlandSwitzerland

A very popular country to immigrate with high quality of life, stable economy, work opportunities, good education, better healthcare, low crime rate and also beautiful nature. The top 1 country for German immigrants for several years.

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