Immigrate to eastern Europe

Popular Eastern European Countries for Immigration

Europe is a continent in the eastern hemisphere which is located north of Africa and west of Asia. The Atlantic Ocean is on the western side of Europe with the Mediterranean Sea on the south and the Artic Ocean in the north. It is the 6th largest continent with 44 countries.  Geographically it is classified into 4 subregions : Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Northern Europe and Southern Europe.

The 10 most commonly accepted countries of Eastern Europe are Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, and Ukraine.

Below you will find brief information about those countries in East Europe that are recommended for immigration. From this brief information, you will then get to the detailed immigration information, travel information, contacts, etc., to everything you need to know for immigration. Click on the name of the country to get detailed information. 

BelarusMinsk Orthodox Church in Belarus Image by neufal54 from Pixabay

Belarus, known for its affordable cost of living and high-quality education, offers a welcoming environment for immigrants seeking economic stability and educational opportunities.


Skilled and managerial staff are most likely to find interesting employment opportunities. The country is also recommended for farmers, entrepreneurs, and of course pensioners.


Georgia boasts heat and hospitable surroundings, various cultural tapestries, and a growing economic system, making it an attractive choice for immigrants searching for a colorful way of life and financial opportunities.


Hungary’s strategic area in Central Europe, low-priced residing fees, and wealthy cultural history make it an attractive destination for immigrants looking for a mix of financial opportunities and a unique European experience.


Poland beckons immigrants with its thriving task marketplace, low-priced residing prices, and a wealthy ancient legacy, presenting a promising blend of professional possibilities and cultural reports.


Romania entices immigrants with its lovely landscapes, low dwelling prices, and welcoming ecosystem, imparting a promising blend of natural splendor and affordability for those in search of a brand new home.

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