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Immigration to Hungary - The Hungarian Parliament Building in Budapest, Hungary
The Hungarian Parliament Building in Budapest

Hungary is a beautiful and clean country with marvelous architecture, delicious delicacies and also it is well known for its high-tech industries. Hungary is land locked country nestled in the middle part of central Europe. Capital city, Budapest is historical and the biggest city of this country. Budapest is divided by the Danube River. Its landscape is filled with architectural landmarks from Buda’s medieval Castle Hill and grand neoclassical monuments along with the nineteenth century Chain Bridge. There is a great influence of Turkish and Roman cultures on Hungarian culture as a result there are plenty of mineral spas, including thermal Lake Hévíz. Exploring the city by cycle is a better option, excepting by cabs or metro. Hungary is famous for its people like Erno Rubik, professor and sculptor who invented Rubik’s cube.  There are   thirteen Noble Prize winners in Hungary. There are many places in Hungary worth visiting like the city of Debrecen, Szeged, Sopron, Keszthely, Pecs, Eger and Gyor.

Hungary is one of the best country which offers a quality life for foreigners. It is a good place to stay and work compared to the other European countries as a result Hungary is gaining popularity among many foreigners over the past few years, making it a great tourist destination for persons to enjoy a smooth life in a scenic nation. Hungary is an upper middle income country with stunning architecture, good economy, better healthcare and education system. Hungary has good job opportunities also for expats as it has renowned companies, which gives a good take-home pay. The cost of living in Hungary is much lower than other countries in the European Continent but it is much expensive than the Ukraine’s capital Wrocław and Belarusian city Minsk. Business culture is one of the most sought in here. The  European Union citizens do not need any permit to work in Hungary.  Hungary has low unemployment rate and high working and living standards.  In Hungary there are less complex laws for purchasing a property and living a low cost life than European Union countries. 

Traveling information

Immigration to Hungary - Flag of Hungary
Flag of Hungary

Hungary’s borders have re-opened for all the travelers and there are no Covis-19 testing and quarantine requirements. Entry in Hungary is permitted for all tourism and jobs. Proof of vaccination and Proof of testing is not required anymore, only the standard travel documents including  visa and valid passport is required. All public places are now open, however wearing a mark in social and healthcare institutions is still required. Visitors traveling from other than visa free country are required to take a valid passport, a Schengen Visa and travel insurance. Since Hungary is a member of Schengen Agreement,  entry is allowed with Schengen Visa instead of Hungarian Visa. 

It is suggested to contact the nearest consulate or embassy of Hungary in your country to get the details about visas, passport, currency, and customs. You can reach Hungary by flight or by road. Traveling by air is the most comfortable option while you are traveling internationally. Hungary has six airports, both international, domestic, and military airports. The popular airlines are Germanwings, Ryanair, Easyjet and Wizzair. Travel by cruise is not possible as the country is totally surrounded by the land, however you can take a cruise till Italy and than take a flight to the  Budapest International Airport. If you want to emigrate from central Europe then you can take a train or bus ride to enter Hungary. 

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How to Immigrate to Hungary

There are different types of visas available like student visa, investor visa and reunion visa for expats who want to study, live and work in this country. Depending on the purpose, you have to arrange documents accordingly. Submit the complete application form with duly signed and apply for the visa in your nearest Hungarian consulate or embassy. Hungary has one of the simplest immigration processes in the world. 

Work permit: It is possible to move here if you are an EU/EEA citizen and don’t have a job and a non-EU/EEA citizen generally requires a work permit in this country. The work permit application is now done as a part of residency application at the Hungarian immigration office. Work permit is issued for a specific employment relationship with certain employer. After changing the job a new work permit is required. 

Study permit: To get the study permit one must plan on studying at an accredited secondary or higher education institution on a full time basis. Also showing sufficient financial and living means is must. The process is strict and not easy for many people. If a person is coming on work permit then the accompanying member must get the study permit if he/she is a student and want to study in this country. 

General requirements to move to Hungary are: 

  • Invitation to Hungary
  • National Identity Card
  • Valid Passport
  • School reference (for student visa)
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Notary Approval
  • Work order or offer letter
  • Bank Statements
  • Accommodation details
  • Travel insurance
  • Tickets
  • Visa Fees

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Hungarians or Magyars are the natives or inhabitants of Hungary, speakers of Hungarian language. Hungarians can be divided into several subgroups with distinct identities like the Székelys, the Csángós, the Palóc and the Matyó. Groups of people with Hungarian ancestry lives in various parts of the world, most of them are in U.S., Germany, France, Canada, UK, Chille, Argentina and Brazil. There is big cultural influence of Romanians, Turks, Germans and other European Countries on the culture of Hungarian people. These people are hardworking, disciplined and efficient. They think quite practically about how to solve a problem. They are friendly, hospitable, warm, welcoming and humorous. Most of the population follows Christianity, rest are Jewish and others. Hungarians love food and their meat dishes are well known at the same time they keep themselves fit and healthy. These people are known for beer, bread and sausages, festivals, cars and their love for technology. Hungarians tend to be thrifty, sensible and respect one another’s privacy. These people are very much into music, poetry, literature, art, science, chess, mathematics and art. Hungarians appreciate talent, humor, knowledge and sensitivity. They are quite individualistic and have mentality of communist era, means interest of oneself and his immediate family takes priority. They like to rely on their close friends and family for physical and mental support. 

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Job offers in Hungary

To get a job in the Hungary is quite difficult but the requirements for this are identical with other developed countries. Work permit is must especially if you are a non-EU citizen. However, there are various companies where well qualified staff is required all year long. If you are a citizen of an EEA/EU country, you can move in this country and start your job search. You don’t need to apply for work permit. European citizens can apply the same way as Hungarians apply for jobs, however having and EU passport is must. Work and study at the same time and after graduation apply for the EU Blue card or work permit is possible for EEA/EU citizens.

Jobs like Merchant Success Manager, Data Analyst, Transformation Data Analytics Lead, Software developers, Business Analyst, programmers, architects, IT consultants, Nurses or Account managers, etc are highly in demand. Highest paying jobs in Hungary are Shipping Engineer, Pilot, Sports Person, and Investment Counselor. There are various websites where you can search for a suitable job and apply for it. Websites like, LinkedIn,,,, etc will be helpful to land a job. This nation is a business friendly country and for this you need a business permit which can be obtained from Hungary Immigration Office. 

How to get a job offer: 

  • Look online for a job
  • Prepare for an interview
  • Submit CV and required documents
  • Apply for a visa
  • At last get a health insurance.

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Unemployment rate

According to a survey report, Hungary’s unemployment rate in the year 2021 was approximately 3.9%. The number fell down 1.6% from last year 2020, which was 4.3%. This rate shows unemployed persons among the number of employees available in the market. Hungary has a good economy after the pandemic, but even after a healthy economy unemployment occurs. In the recent survey it is observed that the recent unemployment rate in the year 2022 is 3.3, decreased by 0.6% from previous year. Employment rate in this country has increased to 64.40% in the month of September from 64.34% in August of 2022. The jobless rate refers to the share of working force that is unemployed but is available for work and seeking for it. The rate is was high because of the job losses in commerce, distribution, tourism and several other sectors, same as the absence of a system of unemployment benefits, like many other countries. Inflation increased, shown in higher food, health, medicines and housing prices. This unemployment rate is decreased since the pandemic has started in the year 2020 as the unemployed population got jobs and the number of employed increased. At the same time the number of economically active population has risen. 

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Economy of Hungary  

The economy of Hungary is a high-income mixed economy. It has one of the largest economies in Europe and ninth most complex economies in the world. This country is a member of the OECD with humungous development index and a skilled labor force. Hungary has an export oriented market economy with a big focus on foreign trade. The gross domestic product expanded has grown to 8.2% and will strongly expand in the future according to the Hungarian Government, it is because of the innovative ideas and focus on export of high quality manufactured goods. Economy is good, also because of Hungary Government’s competitiveness and strong global networking. The federal government has an important role in the economy; it takes care of management and labor and regulates the relationship between the capitalist participants in the market. Hungary exports products like machinery and equipment’s, other manufactures, food products, fuel and electricity and raw materials. It’s export partners are Germany, Romania, Italy, Austria, Slovakia, France, Czech Republic, and Poland. Goods imported by this nation are machinery and equipment’s, other manufactures, food products, fuel and electricity and raw materials.

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Renting and buying of real estates for foreigners


If you are planning to move to the Hungary, you might rent a property rather than buying it. Renting property here is common among both locals and expats. Renting a property is expensive here and buying a house even costs much more than renting. After pandemic the prices are continuously rising, so renting actually works out cheaper in this country. Prices for renting or buying apartments, detached or semi-detached homes, etc may vary. The rising of cost is also depends on the lifestyle of the residents. It is most notable in the cities like Budapest and Székesfehérvár, where demand is far greater. People earning an average salary will usually have to turn to more rural areas. Even people earning a good amount of salary are limited as to where they can buy a house. 


  • Passport
  • National Identity Card (DNI)
  • Documents issued by the Hungarian Government
  • Work permit/Bank Statement


Owning a property in Hungary is possible for foreigners as there are no restrictions on expats buying it in this country, the first thing is to arrange a land buying permit which costs around €200 and it takes a month to get it. The law states that real estate purchases must be showed through private contracts and also signed by a lawyer. Expats must get the approval of the relevant administrative office before purchasing. After obtaining the approval, property search begins. Property prices may vary due to various aspects. For instance, the property is in the city centre or is in outskirts, its size, or in the middle of the country, etc. Apart from the house price you will also need to pay the agency/brokers fees, notary and lawyer’s fee, acquisition fee, registration fee and the title insurance, payments for water and electricity. 


  • Passport
  • Agreement with the payment
  • Purchase or Sale Agreement
  • Title transfer papers
  • Correspondence Taxes Slips

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Hungary has temperate seasonal climate throughout the country. This type of climate has warm summers and cold winters. Spring and Autumn are mild with frequent changes in the temperature, especially in the Spring season. Differences between the different regions in the climate are little. There is snow in the month of January and the temperature is freezing.  Thunderstorms occur in the month of May to August, especially in the afternoon of these months. 

Winter starts from the month of December and ends in the month of February. The temperature during winter goes down till -20˚C. 

Summer here starts from the month of June and lasts till August. The temperature goes till 30-35˚C. 

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Hungarian is the official and mostly spoken language of Hungary. It is also spoken in other parts of the neighboring countries like Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria. Among the population 99% speak, read and understands this language. Many of them speak it as their first language and rest use it as second language. Citizens of Hungary are bilingual and multilingual. There are different other languages used by the residents and non residents like German, English, Russian, French and Italian. Office work is mostly done in Hungarian, so understanding and speaking the language is must in this country, for education and work also. People here speak and understand English and French too.

There are plenty of straightforward rules through which learning the language is not that tough as many people may think, as Hungarian and German stem from the same language. You might be surprised when u picks up the language without even trying and most important, it is a useful one to survive in this country as many signboards and notices are written in Hungarian. 

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Expats living in this nation can drive with their foreign license for one year, after that license should be converted into a Hungarian license in order to remain on the road. Hungary has the dense road networks in the world. Traffic is considered safe here. Driving a vehicle in this country has a few differences from some countries in the world. It’s a law here to always drive on the right hand side, even driving on the National highway. It is Federal Government who sets speed limits in Hungary. There are two default rules here for traffic, such as speed limit should be less than 50 kmph (31mph) within cities and less than 110 kmph (65 mph) outside the cities. Some motorways have speed limit of less than 130 kmph. While some areas like rural sections have speed limit of 30 kmph.

Riding a bicycle is very common and convenient in the country. Renting a bicycle is an affordable option. You can also travel by public transport here. Budapest has an efficient and low cost public transport. Travelling by bus, metro, trolleybus, tram, suburban railway lines (HÉV lines) and boat services are convenient and fast to reach at your destination. Rush hours are generally from 7 am to 9 am in the morning and 4 pm to 7 pm in the evening as many people are on the road to reach till their workplace or educational institutions and back. 

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Currency used in Hungary is Forint. It used to be divided into 100 fillér coins which are no longer in use nowadays. The long term aim of the government is to perhaps replace the forint with the euro, as this is a member state of the European Union, although there is no target date for adopting the euro of the current government. It is normally abbreviated with the ‘Ft.’ or ‘HUF’.

A Forint note comes in six denominations like 500 Ft, 1,000 Ft, 2,000 Ft, 5,000 Ft, 10,000 Ft, 20,000 Ft and coins in 5 Ft, 10 Ft, 20 Ft, 50 Ft, 100 Ft, 200 Ft.  The currency is minted by the Hungarian National Bank.  Much used banknotes, which have become damaged and shabby and no longer fit for use are taken back, burned and turned into briquettes. These briquettes are donated for public benefit to charitable organizations. It is used as heating fuel. 

Payment Transaction

In Hungary payments can be done by cash, cheque, debit or credit card or through online transaction depends on the situation and is a personal choice. This is one of the fragmented markets when it comes to the payment methods. Non-credit card payment methods like, Mobiano, Narvesen, Mint are the widely used methods for the online transactions. If you’ve come from a European country and want to make payments here, Google has launched a digital payment solution called Goggle Wallet in this country, replacing the GPay app. It is useful as this makes transactions easy and feels no difference between a domestic payment and a euro payment from or to the other European Country. Google Wallet provides services to its users like to manage and store the payment cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, identity cards and event tickets in one place. Others are SEPA, Bank Transfer, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club, etc. 

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Cost of living in Hungary

Cost of living in the Hungary is cheaper than the 30% of European countries and cost of living in the Budapest is expensive than the 40% of cities in the World. Average living cost in this nation depends upon your lifestyle or your current situation, like whether you are working or a student. Cost of living varies from city to city and also if you are staying alone or with your family. The average monthly expense for a single person is approximately 500,000 Ft. And the monthly expense will rise if you want to move along with your family of four persons, which will be 990,500 Ft.

Monthly rent will cost more in the urban areas than the cost of rent in rural areas. Expense will also rise if you need bigger accommodation, than the smaller one. Average living cost depends upon your lifestyle or your current situation, like whether you are working or a student.

The prices of food, accommodation, bills, clothes and entertainment will cost you less than the rent. The monthly rent is the biggest expense in Hungary.  If you are staying in a city where you can go by bicycle, walking till your university or office or live in a city with a good public transport system, then your cost will be much less.

Here are some products mentioned below, so that you will get a clear idea of the cost of living: 



Amount in Forint (Ft.)

Whole Fat Milk

1 lit



12 (a dozen)



1 Kg (2 lb.)



500 grams

 (1 lb)


Dining (Lunch)

Full meal


Fast food meal




2 loaf



8 mbps

 (1 month)


Cleaning help



Gas in vehicle

1 lit



Short visit


Movie Tickets

For 2


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Apartment Rent

Budapest is the most expensive place to rent a residential property in this country. Short term rentals are usually easier to find and long term rentals are lowest in rent, also depends on the size. Rentals here have additional costs for maintenance and cleaning of the building. If you rent a fully furnished apartment then these costs will be included in the monthly rent. Tenants require paying a security deposit this could be one to three months rent, which is used for any damages to the property or missed rent payments. Fully furnished one bedroom apartment in the city centre will cost you approx. 203,920 Ft. and same apartment, outside city will cost approx. 150,750 Ft. A furnished studio apartment of 2 to 3 bedrooms in the city centre will cost you approx. 400,400 Ft. and outside the city it will cost you approx. 255,100 Ft. After visiting on the below given link you will get the ideas of the cost of monthly rent. You will find the apartments online or with the help of a local friend. Property showing websites also mentions prices below so that you can choose according to your need and comfort. Rent for downtown areas are higher, so sharing the apartment with someone will be affordable especially for a student. 

For more information on apartment rents in Hungary,  visit: and


The personal income rate band is charged at 18% in Hungary. Social security contribution payable by employee is 18.5% and contribution by the employer is 13%. Residents of Hungary are subject to pay tax liability in respect of all their income whether it is earned in this country or abroad. A tax year is measured as the calendar year. All types of incomes of private individuals are subject to income tax. Income Tax is a tax collected from individuals and is imposed on different sources of income like labour, pensions, interests and dividends. The personal income tax Act distinguishes between some categories. Incomes from other than self-employment, income from self-employment and other incomes are consolidated in this country. Income taxed separately are income from capital gains, income from private businesses and income from the sale of movable and immovable assets. There are incomes which are tax exempted like some forms of state support for fostering and raising a minor, scholarships paid by the non residents to students studying in a foreign educational institutes or researchers working abroad, incomes from pensions, etc. If you are a citizen of Hungary or an expat, you are liable to pay taxes if you earn money while staying and working according to the Hungarian law. The Municipalities and Federal Government takes care of the tax system. Tax revenue is generated from income tax, VAT, corporation tax and by various other ways. 

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Health Insurance

First aid and medical emergency care are free of cost for expats living in Hungary, however in other cases you must pay for the treatment. The healthcare system is funded by the Health Insurance Fund (HIF) and taxes. These funds cover recurrent healthcare costs. If you are local or expat with a valid permit to live and work in this nation, your healthcare services are covered by health insurance companies. Free healthcare services are available at all primary and secondary hospitals. Citizens are covered regardless of their employment status. Hungarian government contributes for groups like pensioners and unemployed citizens. If you are an expat and do not have a health insurance then you are subjected to receive essential healthcare services. The basic healthcare services is also free of cost in the case of acute conditions. If you are an employee in this country then you get the same healthcare rights as a local citizen, however you can also take private health insurance as per your choice.

It covers treatments and services like immunizations, prescriptions, dental checkups, etc. This system helps to keep average healthcare costs in Hungary to a minimum. It is suggested to take up the private health insurance to get the advance healthcare services for your comfortable stay here.

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Important addresses

SOS Emergency Medical Services:
Ph: 0036 1 118 8288,
0036 1 118 8012

International Medical Services:
Ph: 0036 1 129 8423,
0036 1 149 9349

Hotline 24 Hours Medical services in English:
Ph: +36 1 224 9090

Budapest Ferihegy International Airport:
1185, Hungary
Ph: +36 1 296 7000

Debrecen International Airport:
Debrecen, Mikepéecsi út, 4030, Hungary
Ph: +36 20 467 9899

Hévíz-Balaton Airport (Sármellék International Airport): Sármellék, Repülőtér 1, 8391 Hungary
Ph: +36 83 200 304

Budaö Airport:
Budapest, Kőérberki út 36/A,
1112 Hungary
Ph: +36 20 777 9123

Nepliget Bus Station: 
1091 Hungary

Győr Bus Station:
Győr, Hunyadi utca 9.,
9024 Hungary

Kelenföld Bus Stop:
1115 Hungary

Embassy of India:
Budapest, Búzavirág u.
14 1025 Hungary
Ph: +36 1 325 7742

Embassy of Ukraine:
Budapest, Istenhegyi út 84/b,
1125 Hungary
Ph: +36 1 422 4124

Embassy of Malaysia:
Budapest, Házmán u. 8,
1026 Hungary
Ph: +36 1 488 0810

Embassy of the Kingdom of Thailand:
Budapest, Verecke út 79,
1025 Hungary
Ph: +36 1 438 4020


Hungary is a beautiful, clean and high-tech country with free healthcare and one of the best educations in the world. Its a nation rich in history, great food and many cultural attractions. It is a good place to live and as we all know every good thing has a price.  Hungary is expensive; however you will experience a high quality life according to your lifestyle. People are friendly and peace loving. Business culture is one of the most sought in here, and as European Union citizens do not need any permit to work here. Foreigners love to work here. The  unemployment rate is low while the working and living standards are high. It has plenty of job offers with good earnings. You can choose to live as per your taste as many options are there to make your life comfortable. Here you will find less complex laws regarding purchasing a property than in other European Union countries. Hungary has better ecosystem as well. It will be a task to find a good or high quality accommodation here, but once you find, it is one of the best immigration destination  in the world and worth living in Hungary. 

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