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If you don’t just want to immigrate with a few suitcases, but also want to take household items, furniture, electronic devices, tools, machines or your beloved car with you, you need either a moving truck or even an overseas container. But the prices for it can be very different. In the following, we would like  you to Compare the costs and save up to 40% on your move. In just 1 minute you can receive the 5 best offers from over 1,000 professional international moving companies for free. Over 200,000 immigrants have successfully used this service so far.

The Form For Your Successful And Inexpensive Move

Here you will receive up to 5 international moving offers in just 1 minute and save up to 40% on your moving costs! Regardless of whether you want to pack some or all of your removal goods yourself or leave everything to the experienced team, everything is reliable and inexpensive.

Why Should You Use This Expertise In Choosing A Moving Company?

  • You save time: Receive up to 5 international moving offers in just 1 minute!
  • You save money: Save up to 40% on your moving costs by comparing the offers of specialized, international moving companies!
  • Safety first: We only work with qualified and professional international moving companies!
  • The smart way of moving: Use the free tips on our website to prepare perfectly for your international move!

Independent And Without Obligation

Use this quotation service for moves and get up to 5 free moving offers from international moving companies that specialize in your specific moving destination. Based on the information you have provided, 5 international moving companies will be selected for your move using the online form. You will then be sent an email with the contact details of the international moving companies that received your quote request. The inquiries regarding the prices are of course 100% free of charge and without obligation.

Compare The Offers Of International Moving Companies!

Always compare the price offers before making a decision. If you ignore offers from several international moving companies, you may pay up to 40% more for your international move. This forms ensures that your inquiries are passed on to suitable international moving companies that have enough experience with container shipments to your particular moving destination. In addition, all international moving companies in this global network are also registered members of important international forwarding associations.

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