Checklist for Immigration

What should be terminated and returned before moving

To Do List - image by pixabayWhen emigrating or moving abroad, it is not only important to properly de-register at the residents’ registration office (if you wish, i.e. you no longer have another place of residence in your country), but also to terminate all contracts and agreements that are no longer to be continued. The relevant notice periods must be taken into account. So start your preparations in good time (at least a year in advance, sometimes longer) so that money is not wasted.

In this article we provide a checklist, inform you about periods of notice, show where you can get templates for letters of termination free of charge and what else you should pay attention to (to-do list). 

Notice periods

The notice periods range from a few days to several years, depending on the type of contract. Please read the small print in good time to find out when you should cancel at the latest.

Checklist for contracts and agreements – terminations or changes of registrations (changes) before moving

  • Telephone, internet, mobile radio,
  • Insurance (health insurance, liability, household effects, accident, life, pension, motor vehicle)
  • Rental agreements as well as electricity, water, heating, gas, etc.
  • Subscriptions
  • Associations and memberships (Library, Clubs etc.)
  • Online stores
  • School (with children)
  • Employment contracts
  • Tax office
  • Car, motorcycle, trailer
  • Pets
  • Banks, building society
  • Registration authority

 To-do list of things to remember in general

  • Sell ​​everything you no longer need and pack the rest
  • Sell ​​your car – even a scrap car is possible – or give it a new AU and MOT if you want to move it
  • Cancel insurance, rental contracts
  • Deregister from the sports club or apply for a dormant membership
  • Update utility payments (electricity, gas), request a final bill
  • Inform authorities of the upcoming move and provide them with the new address. Request references from bank(s) and lenders
  • Please also inform all friends and acquaintances (if desired) of your new address and telephone number (if already available)
  • Submit a mail forwarding request to the post office (if possible and desired)
  • Inform your employer. Before you quit: a sabbatical year offers security if you want or need to return
  • Collect all necessary papers in a document bag or briefcase
  • Book the rental car at the arrival location and the hotel (if necessary)
  • Cancel contracts such as telephone, internet, book club subscriptions, etc.
  • Check whether your credit cards are accepted in your new home
  • Carry out (if agreed) a renovation of your rental premises and organize a final cleaning
  • Register the children at their new school
  • Make sure you have enough moving boxes and get blankets, garbage bags, carrying straps and covering foil
  • Pack boxes differently and not too heavily: never pack book boxes completely full (e.g. books at the bottom, lighter items of clothing at the top). Number and label the boxes according to the rooms.
  • Making a Packing List. Pack the most important things in your luggage (NOT in the container). It must last until the moving boxes arrive. Sort out what goes in your hand luggage.
  • Use up all supplies and defrost the freezer in good time
  • Organize a farewell party
  • Send the invitations in good time. Organize transport to the airport
  • Apply for a no-parking zone in front of the old and new apartment
  • If you have small children: Organize a babysitter for moving day
  • Claim back the deposit of your old apartment and transfer the new
  • Make a note of the meter readings for electricity, gas and water in the old and new apartment and send them to the relevant contractual partner if necessary
  • Write a moving report to complain about possible transport damage to the shipping company
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