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Your Success With A Proven Concept

Some feel overwhelmed to have to think of all the details that are necessary for a successful emigration. But remember, you did not learn to walk in a day. The simple solution is: take one step at a time. The following step by step program can be a valuable help for you.

Answer the questions asked there or check off what you have already done or what you have informed yourself about. Eliminate the points that are not important to you. Make additional notes where this seems important to you.


1. Where To Immigrate – Preselection

Objective: Find the country where you can feel comfortable in the long term, where immigration is within your options and where you can establish yourself. Here a guide could be very useful for you. After this preselection, only a few countries will come into question, which you will then find out more about.

1.1. Climate And Living Conditions

Do I like and tolerate the climate?
Do I feel comfortable in these living conditions?
Are my children receiving adequate education?
Am I ready and able to learn the national language?

1.2. Immigration Terms

Can I meet the immigration requirements?

  • Residence permit – In some countries such as B. Paraguay you do not need a visa, but apply for a (permanent) residence permit, with proof of appropriate capital or valuable property, which entitles you to either stay in the country for a limited time or permanently.
  • Skill-related visas – Some countries have Skilled Worker Programs, which are about your skills. Your qualifications and professional experience are paramount. Note that Australia, New Zealand and Canada regularly publish lists of the skills they need. There are often regional lists in which the minimum number of points required for a successful application is lower than the national requirements.
  • Business Visa – If you have a coveted investment or business idea and the necessary capital, this is the right access. Investors and business people are welcome – but the countries they find attractive are picky.
  • Family visas – If you have parents, siblings or a child in the target country, they can support your emigration. Parents or children then act as sponsors and guarantors for you.
  • Pensioner Visa – You have sufficient funds and enjoy good health to emigrate to Australia or South Africa (note: Canada, the United States and New Zealand do not have pensioner visas).
  • Temporary visas – you are unwilling or unable to immigrate permanently. Get a temporary work permit to get your foot in the door.

Please note that some visas are age-dependent. For example, if you are over 44, you cannot get an Australian skills-based visa – no matter how well you meet the other requirements. If you are over 55, New Zealand is also closed with these visas. Canada has no absolute age limit, but you get fewer points from 49 years of age. You may need professional help, either an immigration lawyer or another lawyer, or an immigration adviser.

1.3. Labour Market

Can I do the work that suits me?
Can I feed my family easily?

1.4. Cost Of Living

What does the property purchase cost?
What are the rental costs?
How much are the additional costs (heating, taxes, etc.)?
How expensive are the goods for everyday needs?

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