Immigrate to northern Europe

Popular Northern European Countries for Immigration

Europe is a continent in the eastern hemisphere which is located north of Africa and west of Asia. Atlantic ocean is on the western side of europe with Mediterranean Sea on the south and Artic ocean in the north. It is the 6th largest continent with 44 countires. Geographically it is classified into 4 subregions : Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Northern Europe and Southern Europe.

The Northern European Countries include United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Iceland, Isle of Man and Faeroe Islands.

Below you will find brief information about those countries in North Europe that are recommended for immigration. From this brief information you will then get to the detailed immigration information, travel information, contacts etc., to everything you need to know for immigration. Click on the name of the country to get detailed information. 

Denmark KellinginDenmark

A third of the state consists of islands, of which only 72 are inhabited. Economically, the country is in a very good position compared to other European countries and even has the lowest unemployment rate in the EU.


Estonia is a friendly country. 50% of Estonia is covered with trees. Jobs in IT field, medicine, Engineering, Carpentry and Finance are in demand. Living costs is affordable.

Finland - Repovesi National ParkFinland

Finland is one of the wealthiest countries in the EU. Well-trained specialists, for example in health care, transport and agriculture, have chances on the labor market. A country with pros and cons.


Norway is one of the countries with the highest standard of living. The most important branch of the economy is the oil industry, in which there is a need for technicians and engineers. Qualified workers are also being sought for shipping, trade, the construction industry and health care.


Immigrants make up about 12 percent of the population today. They come mainly from other Scandinavian countries and Eastern Europe, but also from Germany. For longer stays, you only have to register with the Office for Migration.


United Kingdom

A good incentive to work here is certainly the wage level. In addition, there is a statutory minimum wage, which is the equivalent of around 8 euros per hour. More reasons to immigrate to the UK

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