Where To Migrate To?

Set The Right Priorities

If you’re still unsure of where to go best, first take the time to think about your priorities, i.e. What is most important for you when choosing the right country of emigration.

The Following Personal Aspects Have To Be Considered First

  • Age (can you calmly grow old in your new home?)
  • Health (What is medical care in the event of illness or accident? Who pays the costs and how much are they?)
  • Family (e.g. school-age children, parents in need of care, position of women in society, attitude towards foreigners, etc.)
  • Assets (Do you have sufficient reserves for contingencies?)
  • Income (pension or ongoing investment income – is it enough to cover the cost of living?)
  • Qualifications and skills (if you have to be employed – are your qualifications recognized? Are you looking for your qualifications? What is your income?)
  • Taxes (Are assets and interest income taxed? What is the taxation of wages or income from self-employment? How are investments viewed? Is there a double taxation agreement with your old home?)
  • Language skills / ability to learn language (if English is not spoken)
  • Cultural adaptability (can you cope with a completely different mentality and culture?)
  • Sociability (important if there are no English speakers nearby)
  • Leisure, entertainment (English television, theater, sports, hiking, general leisure and cultural offerings)
  • Need for Security  (low crime, stable political conditions)
  • Need for rest, space, environment, nature (Do you need a lot of space and fresh air? How important are order, cleanliness, intact nature in your area?)
  • Climatic adaptability (weather and climate are pleasant)

This Determines Which Of The Following Factors Of The Immigration Countries You Give Priority To

  • Climate (where do you feel comfortable and where is your health best)
  • Cultural + other living conditions (depending on your adaptability)
  • Medical care and care options (depending on age and health)
  • Quality school system and education (children in the household)
  • Immigration conditions (depending on your wealth or employment)
  • Cost of living (goods for daily needs, additional costs, taxes, etc.)
  • Labor market and taxes (job offer, self-employment)
  • Language (can and do you want to learn a new language?)
  • English-speaking neighbors (if you don’t speak the national language)
  • Leisure, entertainment (sports, theater, television in English)
  • Peaceful and stable conditions, low crime
  • Low risk of natural disasters
  • Low population density
  • Intact nature

According to your priorities and wishes, you can find recommended countries on the top list page. You can also browse the respective regions.

Make a small investment that will pay off again several times: Buy an emigration guide. This information will help you save a lot of money and trouble. And most probably it will be of enormous help in choosing the right country for you! Remember, it’s a decision for your life after all.

Targeted Search

When you have decided which factors are most important to you, first choose the countries that meet your most important criteria. You don’t need to find out more about everyone else (this saves you a lot of time). For example, if your financial resources are severely limited, then all “expensive” or heavily charged countries will be eliminated from the outset. It is best to use the top lists for your targeted search.

Have you put together your personal top 3, 5 or 10, then find out more about these countries. As soon as a country turns out to be “unappealing”, simply remove it from your list. Relevant guidebooks can be of great help in your research work, in order not only to see the advantages of a country but also the possible disadvantages.

The Journey To Your New Homeland

You cannot avoid this step before you can really make a final decision! Take as much time as possible for this “research trip” (this can and should not be a vacation). Three weeks is the bare minimum. Many important details and living conditions can only be found out after many weeks.

Meet up with several people who have already taken this step. However, do not be confused or overwhelmed, because on the one hand you will meet those emigrants who are not satisfied anywhere in the world, and on the other hand you will meet those who want to do good business with you as quickly as possible.

A basic rule that minimizes wrong decisions: Decide only when you are back home or visit your new homeland of choice a second time !!!

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