21. Social Contacts

Social contacts are very important for your successful emigration. We need good relationships with family and friends, otherwise (also the new) life will be dull. Burdens and successes want to be shared with others. Otherwise you live like a fish without water.

Be prepared for culture shock no matter where you go. Because you have to go through time to heal all wounds. It can take at least three months, if not a year or more, to settle in the new country. There is a lot you can do to reduce the time it takes to get used to it. And as “the newcomers” it is up to you to actively approach others and build friendships.

Other countries other manners. But inviting your neighbors for a beer or a barbecue is never a bad thing. Maybe there is an  expat club nearby? However, you should not neglect the local associations, events and participation in the social life (of the locals).

In any case, it is an advantage if you have a good command of the national language. If this is a foreign language that you have not yet mastered sufficiently well, you will find a suitable language course here with which you can easily learn the new language in the shortest possible time.

If you’ve already made up your mind , the packing list may be of interest when you move abroad .

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