Australia Visa

Visa Process for Australia

You can apply for an Australian Visa online or at your nearest Australian Embassy or Consulate. Applications for certain types of Visas can be applied on the Australian Department of Home Affairs website.

Tourist visa:

There are 3 types of tourist visa ( subclass 601/subclass 651 and subclass 600)  to Australia which depends on the purpose, duration and stay of your visit. The visa also has financial and medical requirements to be met during the visit period. It is advisable to get a travel insurance if you are visiting Australia. Travel insurance also covers medical costs, which is otherwise too expensive here.

Documents for Australian Tourist Visa: 

  • Visa Application Form
  • Original passport with 6 months validity from the date of travel
  • Letter covering all details of the applicants, passport details, travel details, details about who is covering the financials.
  • Two (2 photos) of 35 x 45mm size, 80% face size, white background on matt finish
  • Pan Card / Aadhar Card copies
  • Financial Statements
  • Employment Proof and Pay slips
  • Income Tax returns Slips
  • Hotel Bookings or accommodation covering the whole duration of the stay.
  • Itinerary/tickets of return / round trip
  • If Married, marriage certificate.

For more information of Getting a Visa for Australia visit:

Working Holiday visa (subclass 417):

This is a temporary 12 months visa for young upto 35 years of age who want to holiday and work in Australia. This can extend upto  3 years depending on certain criteria.

Students Visas:

For studying in Australia, you need to apply for Student Visa (subclass 500). It could be upto 5 years depending on your education. You can bring family members along with you and work while you study.

For detailed information of getting student visas visit:

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