Cheap countries of the world

Immigrate to an inexpensive country

In July 2020, a new Big Mac index was created again. In the table, the prices are standardized in US dollars. The countries with the cheapest Big Macs are at the top of the table, although not all countries are included in this Big Mac (for example Georgia , Paraguay and Panama are missing).

The Big Mac Index is based on a shopping cart in individual countries. The shopping cart contains only one product: the Big Mac. It is the same worldwide in terms of production and ingredients. The index shows, among other things, imbalances in the official exchange rates. And if you convert the national currencies back into US dollars (as done in the table), you can clearly see price differences.

Example: One US dollar is exchanged for 20 zloty. So the dollar is probably worth 20 times as much. But if a US American pays 100 dollars for a fixed basket full of goods and a Pole for comparable goods does not pay 2000 zloty but 1,600 zloty – then he gets more for his money.

The table below shows the price of a Big Mac in selected countries in July 2020 (in US dollars). The cheapest countries are on top, the most expensive on the bottom.

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