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Popular Caribbean Countries for Immigration

The Caribbean is a region in the tropical part of the Atlantic Ocean, north of the equator. It consists of the Caribbean Sea and the islands and archipelagos located there (West Indies). The islands are also known as the Greater and Lesser Antilles.

This region got its name from the Carib people, who the Spanish conquerors found in the Lesser Antilles. Today around 36 million people of various origins live here. Very few indigenous people remain. Otherwise, people of African and European origin, Creoles, as well as Indians (especially in Trinidad and Tobago) and Chinese live in the Caribbean region.

The main languages ​​of the Caribbean are Spanish and English (spoken by 94% of the residents, with Spanish accounting for around 70%). Other languages ​​include French , Dutch and various Creole languages. The Caribbean has a tropical climate. Temperatures are relatively the same throughout the year and are always quite high. The average temperature is between 26° and 27°C. Central Europeans usually like the constant warmth. December and July differ mainly in the amount of rain. Between June and October there is a muggy rainy season when high levels of precipitation are possible.

Tropical cyclones, known as hurricanes, are common between August and October in particular. During this time, a trip to the Caribbean is often not recommended – this does not apply to Trinidad and Tobago, as it is south of the hurricane zone.

The best travel time for many areas of the Caribbean is from December to March, as this period has little rain and the temperature is around 30°C. Below you will find brief information about those countries and islands in the Caribbean that are suitable for immigrating. From this brief information you will then get to the detailed immigration information, travel information, contacts, etc., to everything you need to know for immigration.

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