Immigrate to Central America

Popular Central American countries for Immigration

In a geographical sense, the land bridge between North and South America is referred to as Central America. It begins to the north at the Tehuantepec Isthmus in Mexico. In the south it extends (depending on the definition) to the Isthmus of Darién in southern Panama or to the Atratose Depression in Colombia. To the west is the Pacific Ocean, to the east is the Caribbean Sea.

Below you will find brief information about those countries in Central America (also called Latin America, Central America or Isthmus) that are suitable for immigrating. From this brief information you will then get to the detailed emigration information, travel information, contacts etc., to everything you need to know for immigration. Click on the name of the country to get detailed information.


Nicaragua is the largest country in the Central America with beautiful scenic places, tropical food and wild life, which makes this country one of the favorite destinations of tourists from all over the world. Safe to live with Low cost of living and many job opportunities


Panama is particularly suitable for retirees and employees of Panamanian companies. Panama seeks and courts investors. This applies above all to tourism, agriculture and investments in the second largest free trade zone, the city of Colon. But real estate purchases or other investments also make permanent residence possible.

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