11. Moving companies

Regardless of whether you want to take all your household items with you or just selected items: start planning your move in good time. Moving within Western and Central Europe is relatively easy. For an overseas move, moving specialists recommend a lead time of three to six months before the desired departure date. Get different offers, compare. The easiest way: auction your move.

Note the lead time. Then there is the greatest chance that the household effects will be picked up when you want them and arrive at their destination when you need them. Poor timing can result in the facility being shipped early or lagging behind and not arriving in the country of emigration until weeks after you. Forwarding agents plan at least four weeks for overseas moves . More on arriving in furnished accommodation in step 12.

Outside the EUinternational removals are an issue in themselves. The company that clears your floor is far from being predestined to move halfway around the world. There are experts in international removals.

What about your pets ? It may need to be vaccinated and will be transported separately. Inquire whether it will be quarantined upon arrival or whether you can take it with you right away.

Moving service worldwide

Compare the costs and save up to 40% on your move. In just 1 minute you can receive the 5 best offers from over 1,000 professional international moving companies for free. Over 200,000 emigrants have successfully used this service so far.

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