16. Departure and Arrival

No matter how carefully you have prepared the day of departure – your nerves will be on edge on this day. The more precisely you organize your farewell, the better. Nevertheless, be prepared to be sobbing exposed to an uncanny burden: you will end your previous life. Since you let your loved ones know about your plans in step 5 and asked them to understand your reasons for emigrating, they should be prepared to accompany you to the airport.

In order to survive the emotional chaos, it is helpful to have enough distraction for the flight or the journey. Keep the kids happy – this will help you too! Maybe with toys and books about the travel destination or a language quiz. Are there any areas in the next few days that you would like to find out more about? – Let’s go! Traffic rules, sporting events, history of the neighborhood you’re moving into … it’s good to be busy. Otherwise go through your to-do list (again) for the next few days.

When you get there, first set yourself small goals. The bigger things can wait a few days. Take it easy …

  • Pick up the rental car
  • Check into the hotel
  • Let your family and friends and, if necessary, your moving company know that you have arrived safely
  • Recover from jet lag and give yourself time to get your feet back on the ground
  • Make a beer, but don’t open a keg straight away.

A few days of rest and relaxation and you are ready to move into your new home.

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