19. Employment

There is also a big price tag on the new life abroad. It can’t be scratched off. And there is seldom a discount. In a nutshell: If you don’t have a job yet, the most important reading is the local job market. Then it is time to send your resume and applications, submit speculative applications and clean clinics.

You have certainly saved money for the new start and perhaps increased it by selling it in your own Country. No matter how much that is, don’t even make a habit of spending money without new income. Once the start-up capital is depleted, the job search becomes much more stressful. Then time works against you and you can no longer be as picky as you were at the beginning. In addition, every cent otherwise spent is missing in the new home.

In a new job, support is helpful, especially at the beginning. Find out if there are employees in the company who have been through your newcomer situation. These are the people who can help you avoid a lot of pitfalls.

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