3. The new job

As you work your way through step 1 or 2, you may discover that the success of your application depends on whether you have a secure job prior to applying. Is the job offer important?

 Then you have two options:

  • Find a job yourself.
  • Hire a recruiting specialist (a type of recruiter).

As is so often the case, it all costs time and money. Do you have the time for a résumé, cover letter, address search and phone calls? Or can you spend money on a specialist who will maximize your chances of finding a job in a timely manner?

The qualification for New Zealand’s Skilled Migration Program or the coveted H-1B or EB-3 visas for the USA often require a secure job in the destination country before the application can be made. Even if you don’t necessarily need a job, it can be very beneficial for you to emigrate soon. For example, you don’t want to wait four or more years for a Canadian Skilled Worker Visa. Alternative: You have a job that gives you at least a one-year work permit.

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