6. Apply for all papers

Now it is time to apply for the visa or the papers for the residence permit. Each country has its own regulations ID, usually you need a birth certificate, marriage certificate or extract from the family register, educational certificates and professional certificates, a police clearance certificate and proof of employment.

Many potential emigrants turn to a professional immigration officer for this . He will take care of the paperwork for you, put everything together and send the required forms, and possibly also submit the immigration application. He knows (hopefully!) The business and immediately notices if there are unplanned delays. The consultant or agency also knows which medical checks you have to go through and what it costs and prepares you for the (mostly) necessary interview. Unfortunately, there are also enough dodgy “helpers”, especially in countries that are not among the popular emigration destinations for example Germany. 

Your advantage with a professional helper: Your partner in the target country monitors the progress and gives you the freedom to concentrate on the other steps.

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