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Visa Process for Netherlands

Residence Permits:

You can stay in Netherlands for maximum 90 days, without a residence permit. If it is more than 90 days, residence permit is must. Also if your country of citizenship has a non-visa agreement with the Netherlands, residence permit and short stay visa is not required for less than 90 days. If your country does not have a non-visa agreement with Netherlands then, before you start your trip, you will need to get a short stay visa.

There are different types of applications you must submit depending on your nationality and reason for moving to the Netherlands.

There are certain requirements and application procedures for different purposes such as your partner or family member is already staying in Netherland, work, education, refugee or asylum seeker, etc. In some circumstances expats can apply for residence permit after arriving to the Netherlands and other will need to apply for a residence permit as well as the provisional residence permit (MVV) at the Dutch embassy they have in their own country.

The MVV (Machtiging tot Voorlopig Verblijf) is a permit which allows you to move to the Netherlands as a resident, not a tourist. Note should be taken that it is not an official residence permit.

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Permanent residences permit for EU/EEA/Swiss citizens:

If a person is living in Netherlands continuous for more than five years, he will be eligible for permanent residence.

  • Citizen from the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA), plus Iceland, Liechenstein, Norway and Switzerland are eligible for the permanent residence as well as their family members.
  • Some foreign residents in the Netherlands are also eligible for Dutch citizenship after five or 10 years.
  • This can be low as three years in certain cases as marriage to a Dutch citizen.
  • Dutch permanent residence permit allows you to stay in the Netherland indefinitely.
  • Residence permit is valid for five years and can be renewed.
  • Application of residence permit will be processed by the immigration and Naturalization service.
  • With the residence permit you can work here.

How to apply?

Proof of your stay in Netherlands for continuous five years such as employment contract).

  • The residence document that granted you permission to reside here on the basis of your relationship with your family member who is EU/EEA or Swiss citizen.
  • Proof that you are a retired person and were working here before retirement.
  • Fees is needed to process your application which is non refundable, even the authority rejects your application. This is €57 and is renewed on each year.
  • Processing time for your application is minimum two months and maximum six months.

Permanent residence permits for non EU/EEA/Swiss citizens:

  • You can apply if you have lived for five years in Netherlands.
  • You should have a temporary residence permit and as soon as it expires apply for another permit in time.
  • The applicant must not be a risk to public order or national security.
  • It is mandatory to take a civic integration or a comparable diploma to be a part of the Dutch society but in some cases it is exempted.

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How to immigrate:

The Immigration and Citizenship Office provides the Immigration services in the Netherlands. These services are available at their local municipality and at the Dutch embassy. or consulate.

The following visas can be obtained for either permanent or temporary rights of immigration:
       •   Short stay visa (C-type visa)
       •   Long stay visa
       •   Temporary residence permit
       •   Provisional residence permit
       •   EU Blue Card

Depending on your situation and purpose you can choose the type of visa application.You can also migrate to Netherlands if you are a highly skilled migrant, want to do a startup here or you have a partner already in Netherlands.

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How to apply:

      •    First you will need your passport with two empty pages. This should also be valid for three months beyond the date on which you are leaving after the last stay.
      •    Fill and submit the visa application form, completed and signed.
      •    Persons accompanying you for the trip must fill and submit a separate application form. If the person is below 18, then the form must be signed by the guardian.
      •    Recent photograph is required.
      •    Visa fees should be paid with the application form.
      •    Service fee is required when you submit your application at the offices of a service provider.
      •    Travel insurance is required covering minimum of 30,000 EUR and this must be valid throughout the duration of the stay in schengen area.
      •    Must carry related documents along during your stay and accommodation.

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Work permit:

To work in the Netherlands, you need both a residence permit to stay there and work permit to be allowed to work. There are two types of permit: Employment permit (TWV) and Single permit (GVVA) also known as combined residence and work permit.

Single permit (GVVA):

The GVVA is a residence permit with an additional document stating for which employer you are permitted to work under a certain condition. You do not need a separate work permit. You or the employer can apply for the single permit to the Immigration and the Naturalisation Service.


  • Employment contract from the employer in the Netherlands who wants to hire you
  • You must earn at least the minimum wage for employees over the age of 23.
  • Proof from the employer stating that the post is not filled by a Dutch or an EU/EEA national.
  • All documents should be legalized and translated into English and Dutch language.
  • Submit the application fees for GVVA in Netherlands which is approximately € 290 while submitting the form.

Employment permit or regular Work permit (TWV):

The work permit (TWV) application should be made and applied by the employer, not by the employee themselves. This application must be submitted to Employee insurance agency (UWV).

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