Portugal Visa

Visa Process for Portugal

There are basically three types of Portuguese Visa:

1. Short Stay Visa or Schengen Visa – for stays up to 90 days.
2. Temporary Stay Visa – for stay up to one year
3. Long stay national vis or residency visa – for stay over one year

Apart from this there is Seasonal Work Visa, which is issued to workers on specific seasonal work in the following sectors:

1. Agriculture, Fishing, Forestry & Hunting
2. Food, tobacco & Liquor industries
3. Construction
4. Hospitality
5. Land transport etc.

The Documents required for Portugal Visa are given below. It is a must that all documents that are required for the Visa Process must be in English and be translated into Portuguese language. All legal documents e.g birth certificate must be legalized by the Portuguese Embassy.

1. Passport
     (Minimum 3 months validity from the date of departure)
2. Portugal Visa Application Form
3. Travel Health Insurance
     (Must be valid in all Schengen Area and cover €30,000 of medical emergencies and evacuation)
4. Portugal Visa Fee Proof (Receipt)
5. Travel Itinerary
6. Portugal Visa Cover Letter
     (Giving details of reason for travelling, dates of travel, planned travel and activities etc.)
7. Financial Status
    (Proofs that you can sustain yourself during your visit period)
8. Residence proof (where will you stay in Portugal)
9. Proof of Employment (In case you are travel for work, Certificate of enrollment from School/University for Students, if you are a Pensioners           that Pension certificate)
10. Minors travelling alone
       (Birth certificate, Letter of consent signed by parents/guardian, copy of passports of Parents/Guardians)
11. Visiting family/family (Letter of invitation from family/friends)
12. Business Travel
        (Letter from company in Portugal inviting you, with purpose to invite, date and duration. Letter showing the business relationship of 2 companies)
13. Once the Visa Application Form is filled, the application along with documents have to submitted at the Portugal Embassy, Consulate or Visa          application Center. If Portugal Embassy or Consulate is not available in your country, you can submit it to any other Schengen Country’s  office.
14. The Portugal Schengen Visa Fees ranges from €40 to €80 for children and adults respectively.

The Portugal Visa Fee is exempt for the following categories:
a. Children below 6 years of age
b. Close family member of an EU/EEA national
c. Teacher or a Student on an educational trip
d. Researcher travelling for scientific research purpose.

The Portugal Long Term are known as Portugal National Visas. These types of Visas permit long term stay either temporarily or permanently by means of a Residence Visa. There are mainly four types of categories in this:

1. Work Visa – issued to a Non-EU nationals who is employed in Portugal company.
2. Student Visa – issued to students pursuing study in a Portuguese educational institution.
3. Family reunification Visa – issued to a Non-EU nationals to live with a family member living in Portugal as a citizen/resident.
4. Retirement Visa – issued to retired people want to live in Portugal, who can sustain themselves financially without work.

To apply for Portuguese Visa, download the forms online, visit: https://pedidodevistos.mne.gov.pt/VistosOnline/

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