Immigrate to dwarf countries

Popular Dwarf Countries for Immigration

It is not possible to clearly distinguish whether a state is to be regarded as a mini-state or a small state. However, the attractiveness of these states or islands – also tax havens – is no coincidence.  Among other things, it lies in the manageable administration and often in the personal leadership. On this page you will find brief information about those mini-states that are recommended for emigration. Among them are some principalities and monarchies. From this brief information you will then get to the detailed immigration information, travel information, contacts etc., to everything you need to know for immigration. Click on the country name to get detailed information. 


A nice little country to travel to as well as very good for retirement and work if you are a really skilled worker. Due to the high salaries, there is still enough money left over despite the high cost of living. In addition, you can shop more cheaply in neighboring countries.


Not only are they a popular and exotic holiday destination, but they also have something to offer to whoever chooses to live on one of these islands in the Indian Ocean.


Malta is particularly popular with those who either no longer have to work or who can find one of the few good jobs, but also with companies because of the low taxes.


Monaco is particularly popular with the rich as a place of residence: no income tax, no inheritance tax and financial offenses committed abroad are not prosecuted. Monaco ranks 20th in the top list of best immigration destinations.


Unique to this beautiful Polynesian island nation and scuba diver’s paradise is the seemingly unshakeable serenity of the people. In the country where there is no ‘struggle for existence’ and never has been, concern for the future is unknown. However, immigration is not that easy.


Seychelles is an island country in the Indian Ocean, east of Africa and north of Madagascar and Mauritius. For a long time one of the most expensive tourist destinations in the world. The currency collapsed due to the financial crisis. However, immigration is only recommended for pensioners and investors.


In addition to the professional opportunities, the climate and the standard of living are attractive here. However, Singapore is more suitable for a work-related stay than for immigration to enjoy life.

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