15. Goodbye old homeland

As soon as you have the visa, the last stage will be a continuous sprint. Now things are happening in quick succession and about three months before you emigrate. The to-do list is very long. Start early, plan carefully, and involve all family members.

Important points below:

  • Sell ​​everything you no longer need and pack the rest
  • Sell ​​your car.  If you are planning to move your Car or any products to the destination country than  some tests are to be done to check and confirm that the product are compliant with various global standards.  (e.g in Germany AU and TÜV  testing & certification)  
  • Cancel insurance, rental contracts, etc.
  • Carry out a renovation of your rented space (if agreed) and organize a final cleaning
  • Log out of the sports club or apply for dormant membership
  • Update the payments for utilities (electricity, gas), request a final invoice
  • Inform the authorities of the upcoming move and inform them of the new address. Request references from bank (s) and lenders
  • Also give all friends and acquaintances (if desired) your new address and telephone number (if already available)
  • Submit a request for forwarding to the post office (if possible and wanted)
  • Inform the employer. Before you quit: a sabbatical year offers security if you want or have to go back (if your employer can do that)
  • Gather all the necessary papers in a document bag or briefcase
  • Book the rental car at the destination and the hotel (if necessary)
  • Cancel contracts such as telephone, internet, book club subscriptions, etc.
  • Enroll the children in their new school
  • Make sure you have enough moving boxes and get blankets, garbage bags, shoulder straps and protective film
  • Pack boxes differently and not too heavy: Never pack book boxes completely (e.g. books at the bottom, lighter items of clothing at the top). Number and label the boxes according to the rooms.
  • Pack the most important things in your luggage (NOT in the container). It must be enough for the moving boxes to arrive . Sort what goes in your hand luggage.
  • Use up all supplies and defrost the freezer in good time
  • Organize a farewell party
  • Send out the invitations in good time. Organize transportation to the airport
  • Apply for a no-parking zone in front of the old and new apartment
  • If you have young children: organize a babysitter for moving day
  • Reclaim the deposit from your old apartment and transfer the new one
  • Make a note of the meter readings for electricity, gas and water in the old and the new apartment and send them to the relevant contractual partner if necessary
  • Write a move log to report possible transport damage to the shipping company

Further important information, for example on notice periods, on the page Checklist Contracts and Agreements – Cancellations or Re-registrations (Changes) .

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