2. Where to emigrate? – Extensive research

After the preselection, you will now find out as much information as possible about the country (or countries) that is your top priority.

But don’t be too hasty in your decision. If there is a second or third country, first check all framework conditions there as well.

Then go on a research trip of at least 3 weeks to your desired country.

2.1. Research trip

Remember: it’s a research trip, not a vacation. The future of your family may depend on the thoroughness of your research. Check the following things:

  • Look for a region that may need your skills or business acumen.
  • Find a residential area that suits your budget.
  • Find schools where your children can and should learn.
  • Find out what the locals do day in and day out and wonder if this really suits you.

If necessary, use the emigration vocabulary trainer to prepare for foreign language challenges in your new homeI suggest you book a cheap central hotel during your research trip so that you can save every penny for your start in a new life. I recommend the trivago site for this. There you will see the best available price for the respective hotel. With the help of the map view you can find hotels in certain regions, near the city center or near the so-called “points of interest”.

2.2. evaluation

When you get back in your hometown, look through your research results. Compare the impressions with the emigration wish list. If it is fulfilled, continue with step 3. If not, repeat the trip to another city, region or country. And ask yourself again whether your wish list can become a reality or whether it was a daydream.

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